UMAN PARTNERS is the first and unique Executive Search company exclusively dedicated to Smart & Big Data Analytics related functions. 

A database of 10,000 experts, senior executives and managers working all over the world in data-driven functions.

Expert consultants and associates, former data operators, with 10 years of experience in the industry.

Uman Partners supports the best Analytics & Big Data initiatives in the European market, and several growth companies, to proven success.

Uman Partners identifies, attracts and recruits Senior Data Scientists, Big Data Architects, Chief Data Officers, Chief Digital Officers and all Talents working in “data related functions” for its clients.







Uman Partners is the first and unique Executive Search company exclusively dedicated to Smart & Big Data Analytics related functions, founded by former pioneering operatives in the discipline.





“Sharing the very great ambition for our international consolidation project for Digital Analytics and Big Data offering, Uman Partners was able to communicate it to the best talent, while also positioning it strategically in the context of our market, to successfully persuade them to join us.”
Laurence Chrétien - VP in charge of Analytics and Big Data offering - Capgemini Consulting France


“Uman Partners has the necessary technical expertise in analytics, so that the very targeted candidates who we have met and recruited have allowed us to position ourselves at the top of our market.”
Olivier Auliard - Chief Data Scientist - Capgemini Consulting France


“Beyond their successful work in helping us find rare talent, Uman Partners has also helped us to outline and market a challenging recruitment programme for an Analytics and Smart / Big Data team. This has allowed us to provide a higher level offering in this market.”
Loïc Mesnage - Partner - Pwc


“Thanks to their in-depth operational experience in “data”, the Uman Partners consultant in charge of our search allowed us to validate a very demanding definition of the job profile and candidate in terms of expertise and use of data for the job of client marketing director… and to attract talent of a very high level, achieving our ambition with them.”
Christophe Coussen - Group Digital Director Yves Rocher


“The very analytical approach to selecting candidates based not only on their technical skills, but also their leadership skills, has allowed us to have very structured exchanges with Uman Partners and with the candidates, to make the best choice of talent to integrate in our project and also to manage their integration with precision and success.”
Hervé le Bris - HR Director for the Yves Rocher brand


“Uman Partners perfectly understood our technological differentiation, as much from a “business” as a scientific point of view. This allowed us to meet very high quality candidates, motivated and capable of meeting the requirements of a young start-up, which was well understood by Uman Partners!”
Patrick Zerbib - Luis Bellemar - Marc Atallah / co-founders — Zettafox




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