Recrutement dans les métiers de la DATA
Recruiting a Chief Data Officer or a Senior Executive / C-Level in a “Data Driven” post: Digital, Client Marketing, Consumer Insight, HR Analytics, Risk…All these jobs are concerned with the input of Analytics and Big Data and candidates must show a real culture of these approaches. Thus, they ...
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Cabinet de recrutement en Analytics et Data Science
Recruit a (Senior/Chief) Data Scientist, Head of Data Science, Chief Data Officer, Chief Analytics Officer, Data Engineer, Quant, DataViz Expert, Programmatic Expert, etc.Analytics (or data science, machine learning, etc.), is the analysis of available data, which is not necessarily big volume (Big ...
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Recrutement en Big Data Management
Recruiting a (Senior) Big Data Architect, Chief Technical Officer, Senior Lead Dev, Head of Data Governance, Chief Data Officer, Data Protection Officer, etc.When you carry out Analytics on large volumes of data (Big Data vs Small Data), traditional data management tools (SQL) are no longer effectiv ...
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