métiers de la data


Specialising in recruitment for Data-related jobs, Uman Partners uses innovative public and proprietary models, capable of generating new predictive results for the success of a Data Talent in his or her future job.

The tools used for recruiting in Data-related jobs


Connected directly through its business ecosystem (key players in major initiatives, start-ups, the academic world, advisors, influencers, etc.), recognised for their acumen and expertise, and directly solicited by the Talents themselves, Uman Partners can quickly identify the best candidates and offer them targeted opportunities.

Uman Partners draws on a research team and innovative tools, a “search factory”, made up of sourcing and community managers, specialising in and completely dedicated to their area of expertise (data-related jobs).

Uman Partners has adapted its HR information system to make it best suited to data-related jobs and to capitalise on its knowledge of Talents in this very specific market.


Evidence Based InterviewerTM (EBITM) ) is a Uman Partners proprietary tool, based on non-statistical correlations of mathematical analyses, which describes the required skills for any given post in its context, measure the real skills of a candidate using a very targeted question set, and thus predict the capacity of the Talent to make a strong impact on the organisation.

For each post, Uman Partners has at its disposal a combination of Behavioural Competencies to predict the candidate’s success. The choice and sequencing of the Behavioural Competencies ultimately required for the post is first subject to a guided customisation with the client, to contextualise the combination in question.

3 types of Behavioural Competencies are therefore identified:

– Behavioural Competencies to distinguish the candidate from his/her peers
– Behavioural Competencies that are preferable to possess
– Behavioural Competencies that are imperative and required

Candidates are individually met by the Uman Partner consultant in charge of the project. Within the context of an in-depth and structured interview lasting about two hours, the consultant will evaluate to what degree the candidate has mastered acquired and innate Behavioural Competencies. These elements are compared to the required qualifications and candidates are selected in accordance with the previously drawn up job description.

EBITM is a collaborative tool that can be shared with our client’s team, in order to facilitate communication using a common vocabulary and quantitative comparison of the evaluation of the probability of success for a Talent in his or her future post.


An analysis of the company culture is carried out using an online evaluation, the Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI), devised by the Michigan Institute. This evaluation is carried out by representatives of the client’s company involved in the recruitment process.

This analysis is made up of 4 descriptive variables (or dimensions). The Uman Partners consultant comments on these in the light of the interviews carried out with those at the Clients’ involved in the recruitment process.

The current and desired culture of candidates is evaluated using the same criteria. A comparison of feedback from the candidate and company allows the risk of incompatibility to be qualified and facilitates an open, documented debate on the subject.