Before joining Uman Partners in 2013, Sébastien Delignière spent most of his career outside France: in the San Francisco Bay Area (USA), in the United Kingdom, Australia, China and the rest of Asia. He held posts as Chief Financial Officer, Human Resources Director and Operations and Business Development Director, in particular in the Technology sector (solutions, software, services & consulting).

With experience in the recruitment of executive directors and experts, knowledgable about international diversified approaches to Executive Search, he was convinced that an educated and structured selection method would rationalise the recruitment decision, going beyond intuition.

Today, he is one of the key figures in the Big Data and Analytics community. Closely linked to the gurus and influencers in this area, Sébastien Deligniere is often solicited for positions such as Chief Data Officers, Partners, Senior Data Scientists, Analysts & DataViz, VP Analytics, Big Data Architects or related posts. He works especially in Consulting, Services (Banking and Insurance, BPO, software and computing services companies, etc.), Communication and the Media. Sébastien Deligniere is based in Paris.

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