Recrutement en Big Data Management


Recruitment methods in 3 questions to Benoît Binachon, director and co-founder of Uman Partners:

What differentiates you from other companies?

At Uman Partners, we aim to maximise the probability of a candidate’s success. For that, we use innovative models, both public and proprietary, capable of generating new results that are predictive of a talent’s success in his or her future post. One of these is based on a framework of behavioural competencies.

We also qualify in a very precise way all the existing interactions between the job and its environment and we provide improvement points to transform the “risk” that exists by introducing a new person into the organisation into a real opportunity to improve its functioning.

These tools have existed for a long time in the USA and Canada. Our real difference is to introduce them in Europe (and to improve them with our technological know-how). Today, to our knowledge, there are no other companies who use them in as structured and systematic a way in the recruitment process, as is the case at Uman Partners. This is how we increase the quality of the client need specification, with this method we interview candidates and with this approach we provide the client with the predictor of success in a very detailed and quantified way.

These approaches are included in a systematic way in our missions and are included in our fee. They do not take up more client time, but are much more high-performing in terms of recruitment success: we find the candidates more quickly, we convince them more easily because we know exactly what the job is. And the recruitment is much longer-lasting.


Your message to Human Resource Directors?

These tools allow you to save a huge amount of time: you will only meet very qualified, targeted candidates to whom we are certain that the post is suited, who are truly motivated and who will have a great impact on the organisation. With this very precise specification, we accelerate your recruitment process, reduce risk and increase the chances of long-term success. The precise points where the candidate must differentiate him or herself have been measured and verbalised in a structured way: we thus facilitate internal discussions between HR directors and operatives and also the decision-making process. Intuition remains present in the process, in particular for our clients, but it is strengthened, confirmed and described by very factual measurements of the parameters that predict success.


A message to candidates?

Our interviews are quite long (two hours). They are an opportunity for the talents to learn more about themselves, to structure the way in which they see their career, and to segment their competencies and strengths. They also discover which competencies they are not interested in focusing on, and those that will allow them to compensate for their weaknesses.

Our process is therefore both an evaluative one — that we could even describe as self-evaluation — and “coaching” (between inverted commas of course).

The precision of the specifications that we draw up for our clients allow the people to whom we offer opportunities to commit to the process with a very clear idea of the company, the challenges and the potential of their career.

Benoît Binachon
Uman Partners
Executive Search For Data Driven Functions

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